Release Notes - Maganic Warriors


We are now out of Beta! This version includes Season 2 special rewards.


New Features:

New Dragon’s Mountain scenery added both for Campaign Mode and Multiplayer Mode!
Waiting time to play solo matches in multiplayer mode has been reduced from 20 secs to 10 secs

Bug Fixes:

New duels system which should fix wrong abandons and match hangs issues (report if not please!)



MatchMaking is now done taking into account your character Level and your Season Rank. The resultant number is called MMR (MatchMaking Ranking). If you face lower Season Rank rivals, your character will probably have less experience level than your rival. MMR number can be seen as the character levels one will face from users in rank 15.
Bug Fixes:

Evil bug solved! When using invisibility cards it messed up all cards behaviour so cards like dispel or drain won’t behave as expected during the match.
Panacea now dispels frostbite
Using two multiply damage cards consecutively made that the multiply damage you really had wasn’t the multiply damage shown, same for block and reflect cards.
Fixed some cases that made people lose honor for wrong abandons


New Features:

RANKINGS! Now everyone can see it’s neighbours rankings. We will be adding hall of fame and top players in a near future. Multiplayer Season rewards are kept but we have to implement an informational popup for them.

New Campaign Balance: campaign was too difficult, we have changed opponent level difficulty to be easier. On the counterside opponent may have similar number and rarity of cards than you. The result must be tested a little bit more but seems promising in terms of fun and balanced difficulty.
Bug Fixes:

Now invisibility should work as expected
Other minor bug fixes


New Features:

Now when you use “reveal cards” you can click on any opp card to see its description

Gameplay Changes:

If you defeat a partial opponent from a set of consecutive opponents and it is your turn, burn, poison and wounds effects are now executed when next oponnent appears. Then you end your turn immediately and opponent gets turn.



Characters Experience progress is now slower from lvl 25 onwards with several steps of difficulty: 0-25, 25-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70. The aim is to improve higher levels matchmaking and make the game progress longer
Campaign Mode is now longer with more total gems rewards but more difficult to achieve.
Players can only get 5 characters from Campaign Mode, the rest of the characters will still be able to be purchased at the shop. New characters will be included as rewards in other game modes in the future.

Bug Fixes:
There was a bug with AI that made it “dumb” in every Campaign Mode match. Now AI inteligence depends on stage difficulty.

New features:

You can now select “FullScreen” mode from the game options window


Stone rewards during campaign mode are now shown as random until it is rewarded


Bug Fixes:
Fixes bug that prevented users from unlocking new characters in campaign mode. Characters that weren’t delivered will be now delivered in next login
Other bug fixes


New features:
Now when searching for multiplayer rivals if you dont find one in 20 seconds you can PLAY SOLO. A single player match against levelled AI will be set where you will be able to earn experience and coins, not ranking points. You’ll keep searching for real rivals while you play solo, once a real rival is found you can start multiplayer match with him.


New features:
Now using Ice cards dispels burn effect
Now using Fire cards dispels ice effect

Reduced difficulty in Daily Missions: secondary objectives difficulty will increase as you progress in game and now rivals will have 30% less XP Level than before
Daily Mission reward increased from 350 coins to 400 coins
Stones boost has been reduced globally, now having less difference between tiers
Power Stone and Heal Stone have been reduced more than others


Fixed behaviour of Reflect effect