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    I cannot seem to change my Manual Deck at all. When I unselect a card it does grey out, but it doesn’t save. I can add new cards, but I’m sure you’ll understand the problems with having a giant deck with all of your cards. Am I missing something?

    I am playing using Chrome on Facebook.



    So… i want to go into battles with a smaller deck of card. How do I do that? I have unchecked them but they are right back in the deck when i battle. Any solutions for this or is it still a work in progress? Someone please advise.
    Thank you,



    Hi Andrew and Acetonide sorry for the late replay, we had issues with the forums.

    Is manual deck building issue still happening to you? Does it happen to you every time?


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    Thank you Maguas, as of right now I tried to decrease my deck and this time it worked. I can now go into battles with a smaller deck and not have to wade thru all the small level cards.

    Thank You!

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