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    VERSION 1.2.0 15/12/2016

    After a long time Maganic Warriors is renewed! :). These are the news:

    – New card collection system, with a single collection for all the characters
    – Now the cards can have duplicates that you can recycle to get Magical Essence
    – Now you can recycle stones to get Magic Essence
    – New cards and stones crafting system by spending Magic Essence
    – New rewards system with treasures of multiple rarities!
    – New Missions Mode to play against AI and in which you will be able to get valuable treasures regularly.
    – Multiplayer Mode is now “The Arena”, with 6 levels of Arena. Reach higher Arena level for better rewards
    – I.E. If you reach the last Arena you will get a unique chest at the end of the season that can contain unique characters or character cards.
    – The score for winning or losing in the Arena will now depend on the score of your rival
    – New unique character: The Necromancer!

    How does it affect my account?
    – Your cards are now shared among all your characters.
    – If you bought global cards, they will also become duplicates that you can recycle to get Magical Essence
    – If you got character cards, you will only keep two cards per character, the rest you will have to earn them by reaching the maximum Arena
    – Everyone will begin the new season with a score of 0 in the Arena since the system has completely changed.

    Best regards from the Maganic Team! We hope you enjoy this new version!

    Play NOW –>

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