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    Afif M

    Hi . I started playing this game 3 days ago I found it cool & I want to suggest few things :

    **The game needs few events like most card games .

    -Bounty hunter : killing few waves of bots and get gold + exp .

    -Doom bots challenge : This will be a challenge aginst waves of over powered max lvl bots with legendary runes , that uses only gold cards, the reward maybe gold + runes .

    -Card of the day : In just 24 hour you are allowed to challenge bots in 2/3 maps in order to get a mystery card as a reward .

    **Also the game needs few other things like :

    -Adding friends option : (players can add each other in friend list and they could do challenges)

    -Global chat : this option will be cool and useful in order to see who is online and do challenges

    -2v2 mode ( inviting friends allowed )

    **Other game modes like :

    -“3 max” This mode (lasts 4 hours , 30 min break then begin again ) where player are only allowed to use lvl 1 /2 /3 cards , the rewards are not the same for ranks : “30-11″ “10-6″ “5-1″



    Hi Afif!

    Sorry for late reply, all of your suggestions are awesome! I think Bounty Hunter, Doom bots challenge and Mistery Card might be a set of daily events that can rotate every day or two days. I’ll have to think about it, it’s something that can be done without too much effort.

    Global chat is something we have in our own list, it just requires quite a lot of work to be done

    More than 2 players mode is something we had in mind also but more like boss battles where several players face a single strong enemy, one at a time though, similarly as when you face several enemies in Campaign Mode. It can be a good friends mode against AI, but also can be thought as a pvp mode: a strong player against 3 lower level players.

    Lastly 3 max can be a good concept for tournaments where rules may vary and restrict what kind of cards players can use.

    Thanks for your suggestions you will definitely see some of them in the game in a near future

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