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    I’m going to start off this guide by saying I am not at all the king of this game nor am I perfect. In other words, my ideas below are not law — if you feel something is wrong or you should do something differently then by all means go for it!

    Starting Out

    So you’ve just started the game and want a good deck already? Well that’s just not going to happen… unless you pay money, in which case you can skip through to the more advanced section.

    If you’re just starting out and already here, you’ve got a good deck for the campaign as it is. Play through it, grab some cards, and then come on back and read what’s below.

    Now that you’ve got some wiggle room to start creating a deck, you’ll have a much better time. Each character you play as has certain strengths and weaknesses. You may have gotten lucky and gotten good cards to play on that character’s strengths or you may have gotten unlucky and will need a balanced deck for the time being. Below, you’ll find each character, their strengths, and possible basic ideas.


    Paladin — Physical/Lightning, Defense, Healing — The Paladin is a great character if you have a lot of simple strikes or lightning attacks. He’s a sturdy character too so one option rarely (if ever) used is to stack healing and defensive cards primarily. Things that remove poison, transfer it, raise power, heal, regenerate mana, etc. You can wait out the opponent as their deck dwindles whilst defending to your heart’s content. It’s a risky move, but fun to pull off if you like trolling your opponents and have a lot of cards. If you don’t, you can also go with a simple deck with the Paladin’s primary strengths. Take away things like fire, ice, and poison and go with raw power and defensive capabilities.

    Bandit — Counter attack, Strikes, Drains — Counter attacks are a double edged sword. They’re great against people with physical decks, but worthless if someone is using mainly fire and ice. So what do you do to combat this? One of two things — make a deck with a couple high counter attacks, fire, ice, and drain to help counter the enemies fire and ice. You can also forgo strategy and focus on the Bandit’s strengths. Get a couple counter attacks along with attack up and drains and just wail on the opponent until they’re dead.

    Dwarf — Defense, Strike, Power — The Dwarf is exactly what you’d expect — strong and sturdy. What you want from a dwarf is raw power. Focus on your keeping your modifiers up either with power cards or less permanent means. The deck I’d choose (if given the option) is one with endless power cards. Your best bet is cards that increase power AND do something else. Power and heal, power and ice, and then take maybe 3-5 strike/lightning cards with you as well and perhaps a steal or remove buff card.

    Elf Warrior
    Elf Warrior — Mana, Defense, Attack — The great thing about the Elf Warrior is the extra mana he receives when equipped with good stones. Mana is a precious commodity and the Elf Warrior makes the best of it. Use this to your advantage and even the tiny +5 mana cards can be wholly worthwhile. Even more so though are the mana regeneration cards. If at all possible, put at least two in your deck. With these, I recommend an ice-heavy deck. Forego healing for the most part and you can cast ice for 3+ turns, inflict some wound damage, and keep them on the defensive.

    Druid — Power, Healing, Lightning — If you’re going to use lightning you need to be aware of its cost. It is a high cost card and so you DEFINITELY want at least one mana regeneration card. Take some power cards too to help increase the damage and some healing or healing over time cards. I’d also recommend taking some poison to help offset the high mana cost of lightning. Basically you want an ‘over time’ deck. Couple this with the Druid’s healing capabilities and a final lightning strike and you’ll be set. Just watch out for the ‘reflect lightning’ cards. Always try to keep your smallest lightning in hand to counter this.

    Pirate — Mana, Defense, Attack — Buff yourself! The pirate is probably the best buffer in the game, so you’ll want strikes and lightning too. You CAN power him up, but it’s not really needed so don’t focus on it unless you’ve got a lot of good/great power cards. Instead, focus on a small buff deck with 2-3 good buff cards and the rest high damage, healing, and mana. Curses can also work in your favor if you expect a someone to remove your buffs.

    Knight — Attack, Counter Attack, Lightning — Buff attack, use mana regeneration, use lightning, watch opponent die. Personally, I’d forgo the counter attack aspect of this deck unless you’re using a card that increases counter attack as well as doing something else. Why? Because lightning is going to be cutting their attack in half anyway if they have if buffed. If you can scare the opponent into not attacking or waiting, then you’ve got them on the defensive and you’ll likely win. Counter attack can help in that regard, especially with lightning, but it’s an extra card using extra mana that you might very well need for your lightning.

    Ninja — Counter Attack, Mana, Strike — Ever want to be a ninja? Well now you can! Focus on buffing the ninja across the board. Attack, Defense, Counter Attack, and Mana Regen if you can. Attack is highest priority so that your strikes will do even MORE damage. Lightning is another good thing to add in if you’ve got some high ones 10+ damage. Never know when a buffer will be your opponent.

    Advanced Deck Building

    Small is better. 18-26 cards should be your aim. I’m going to go on the assumption of a 22 card deck so that it’s right in the middle.

    5-7 of these should be mana cards. This can mean straight mana, mana regeneration, draining mana, or things that increase mana and do something else. You don’t want more than seven as you’ll likely be able to use at least 2-3 cards before needing mana. If you’re using a deck with small mana costs 5 or below then get 5-6 cards. If you even have just 2-3 cards that are 6+ then get the 7.

    7-12 of these cards should deal damage. If you’re doing poison, you can squeeze by with a small number like 8, but no less than seven. You’re not going to be killing anything if you can’t do damage again and again and again.

    At least 4 of these cards should be healing with one being the health +15 and remove poison card.

    What’s that? You’ve gotten a bunch of legendary cards and you want to put every single one of them in your deck? Well that’s how you get beaten. Legendaries have huge mana costs and you’ll only be able to cast 1-2 before needing more mana. Yeah, they have great benefits, but deck composition WILL beat a legendary-only deck. Why will it beat it? Because while the Legendary deck is trying to find its mana or follow up on a good ice/fire attack, the well-composed deck will be chugging along buffing its character, healing him back, and then slapping the fool silly with simpler, smaller attacks.

    Specific Decks

    (BUFF DECK ONLY) If you’re using a buffing deck then throw in at least 3 of your favorite/best buffs as well as something to remove or, better yet, steal the opponent’s buffs. Even if your primary offense is strikes and lightning, you should not have more than 3 cards that increase your attack. Nobody in their right mind would be able to steal/debuff it that often so just pick your best ones and you’ll be fine.

    Also remember to focus your damaging cards solely with strikes and lightning. Your buffs are your friend so use them to your advantage!

    3 Buff Cards
    8 Strike/Lightning Cards
    5 Healing Cards
    5 Mana Cards

    (ICE DECK) My personal choice is ice, actually. Ice has some amazing cards that can do everything from give you power to heal you to give you back 20 mana! You’ll want mana regen with an ice deck so you can keep the ice flowing. You’ll also want PURE ice damage if you can. AT LEAST 4 cards with ice damage and at most I’d say 8 with the rest being mana/healing. Don’t bother with buffing. Don’t bother with strikes, curses, fire, poison, or anything else. If you can manage it the perfect deck is —
    8 Ice damage cards
    4 mana cards
    1 mana regeneration card
    4 healing cards
    1 health regeneration card

    (POISON/DRAIN DECK) Ah drains, the scourge of ever player’s existence. With a deck like this, the other player will never have mana, health, or a chance. Make sure to bring a debuffer or, better yet, steal buff. Don’t want them to regen that health or mana over time! Also bring poison!

    2 Poison Cards
    4 Drain Health Cards
    4 Drain Mana cards
    3 Mana Cards
    1 Health Card
    1 Steal/Debuff Card
    3 Damage cards

    More will likely be added in time, but that’s everything I’ve got for you for now! Hope you enjoy the game and I hope this helps!

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    That’s an awesome guide Hydrawolf I enjoyed reading it a lot. You said 18-26 cards should be an ideal number for a deck, I think it’s a good number for level 0-25, after that I think you should scale your deck up to 32-35 cards in order to resist any kind of battle. Regarding Ice, it might be over powered for high level battles, we will keep an eye on it and maybe limit frostbite effect to 2 stacks. You did a great job, I will be publishing this guide on facebook to give it more visibility, thank you very much and Congratulations!

    See you around!

    PD: I’ve tuned it up a little with character images 😉 hope you like it

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    It looks much better now, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it as well and I’ve actually been having success with a small ice deck still with my level 30 character, but I’ll have to see if it does need more cards when I get to the mid-late 30s and such.



    Which is your name in game?



    Tyler W. is my in game name I believe. My user ID is — 5586a97ccf83505e107b23c6



    Check your facebook inbox Tyler please, I left you a message



    Awesome guide, really useful!!
    Isn´t there a mage (female by the way) character now? I guess it specializes in fire and ice attacks.
    Would be great if you could add that so it keeps up to date :)

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